Psychedelic Insights

Van Beekstraat 260

1121 NW, Landsmeer


The Netherlands


Realising who you are, is to follow your heart fearlessly

what is holding you back?

4 Day Retreat

profound valuable insights for a new lease on life

The unique Psychedelic insights experience is like none other. We have a protocol we develop to aim for the most positive results possible. To exactly measure what your state is, how you think, how you feel and to assess the change you undergo during and after your stay at our center, we conduct several procedures. 


A personal 1:1 psychological session to assess your state, your intentions for the psychedelic experience and anything that you wish to discuss are part of this talk.

After the first psychedelic session, you will have a profound and valuable experience that will have its effects. The day after is a day of integration, rest and lifestyle coaching plus a food workshop, food, buying, preparing, cooking and having a communal dinner. 


Day three is another psilocybin session. Prepared by coaching, philosophy, meditation and optional massages to attain the best mindset and relaxation.


Change your mind and change how you feel. This is why all research consistently has positive results; Because the problem is not the problem, how you feel about the problem is the problem. The world is our perception of it and changing that is how you feel about things, from the heart. The truest center of you.


The experience is an inner journey, eyes closed and dream-like but awake, seeing and feeling through the forgiving perspective of objectivity, it can positively change perspectives. Access your subconscious motivations. Question them.  To more lovingly experience another perception of the self, others and/or past or current events. To move on, evolve, grow, let go, get un-stuck and “de-velop” yourself? 


Day four is a day of integration, rest and lifestyle coaching plus the after care program can be initiated (optionally). A last personal 1:1 session is done with advice and concrete steps to take to embed the psychedelic insights into your new habits and new life.