We are excited to collaborate with the Centre of Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London for a study that is aiming to measure the wide-ranging benefits of psychedelic experiences in safe and guided settings.


Through your upcoming experience with us, you can join by donating a little time to this ambitious research project: www.ceremonystudy.com 


Your participation is entirely anonymous and you can opt out of the study at any point.


This video explains in detail the study and how your contribution matter to advance the psychedelic sciences. 


Psychedelic Insights

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Disclaimer: A psilocybin session is never a substitute for medical or psychological help, treatment or surgery. In the event of complaints or illness, the medical doctor, specialist or pharmacist is the best person to provide help. Always follow their advice and regulation



and profound

psychedelic insights

1 Day Experience

A one day psychedelic magic truffle retreat can be a great adventure. Experienced facilitators will make this yours a memorable session day which includes: 
Private location close to Central Station.

1:1 intake & life style coaching.

We will guide you and prepare you for the journey of a life-time. This includes a meditation and in depth psychological and philosophical conversations.

The psychedelic psilocybin experience is guided by experienced male and female facilitators. We host group of max. 6 people.

Payments can be done at the location (with credit and debit card). 

We ask a small deposit to confirm you place.


1:1 Private Experience

The private psychedelic magic truffle retreat is there for you.  There is only you and 2 dedicated trip guides. So no other clients, just you.

The memorable psychedelic magic truffle session day includes: 
Private location close to Central Station.

1:1 intake & coaching.

We will prepare and guide you for the experience. This includes in depth psychological talks and a meditation.

The entire psychedelic magic truffle session is guided by 2 experienced facilitators (male & female).

Payments can be done at the location (with credit and debit card). 

We ask a deposit to confirm you place.


Insights Scholarship

We believe that everyone should have access to a transformational profound experience to a live life, free from suffering. Therefore, we created a way to offer people in who cannot afford it, a 10% to 50% scholarship. 
Send us you story and we will see how and when we can place you in our program schedule.

You need not apply when you suffer from

Severe paranoia, multiple addictions, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, borderline orbi-polar personality disorder or if anyone in your family had schizophrenia or psychotic problems.

We provide a psychological service to guide "healthy normals" into and out of a psychedelic experience. We do not "heal", "cure" or claim to "solve" any medical or mental health condition.

From 10% to 50%