Psychedelic Insights

Van Beekstraat 260

1121 NW, Landsmeer


The Netherlands


Psychedelic Retreat Amsterdam

Experience psychedelics in a safe and serene environment guided by professional trip sitters. 

✓ Peaceful Environment

✓ Experienced Trip Sitters

✓ Aftercare Program


"We want to harness the power of psychedelics to accelerate the tipping point of human consciousness to create a more mindful and connected world."


Luc is the co-founder & lead facilitator at Psychedelic insights. Luc is very grateful for a wonderful life. 


​Ellen is a nutrition & health scientist and an extensive researcher of psilocybin whom is deeply inspired to contribute to people’s health. 


Hector, a water engineer, is the founder and director of Synergy CT, Synergy Sayab and Psychedelic Insights. 

What a wonderful experience! This was our first time trying Amsterdam’s famous truffles and, from truffle selection to music to a physical space, Luc provided us with a safe and comfortable environment that made the trip a really extraordinary and profound experience, one that all of us will remember for the rest of our lives. Truly life changing.



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At Amsterdam's first professional psychedelic & lifestyle center.