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Psilocybin: Four Important Takeaways from a Clinical Trial

New research shows promise for the safety of psilocybin in controlled settings.

Four Key Takeaways on the Safety of Psilocybin Administered to Healthy Adults in a Controlled Setting with Therapist Support:

No serious adverse events from psilocybin doses of 10 mg or 25 mg were reported. Psilocybin doses of 10 mg and 25 mg didn't have negative effects on cognitive and emotional functioning.The majority of adverse events seen with the 10 mg and 25 mg doses were of the expected psychedelic nature; the most frequent were changes in sensory perception and mood alteration.This Phase I study demonstrates the feasibility of administering psilocybin in a controlled setting to healthy participants with one-on-one therapist support. 

James Rucker was the lead investigator of this study. Rucker is a consultant psychiatrist and senior clinical lecturer in psychopharmacology at King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. 

In a news release, Rucker summed up the significance of this phase I clinical trial: "This is the largest controlled study of psilocybin to date. The results of the study are clinically reassuring and support further development of psilocybin as a treatment for patients with mental health problems that haven't improved with conventional therapy, such as treatment-resistant depression." More


We are excited to collaborate with the Centre of Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London for a study that is aiming to measure the wide-ranging benefits of psychedelic experiences in safe and guided settings.


Through your upcoming experience with us, you can join by donating a little time to this ambitious research project: 


Your participation is entirely anonymous and you can opt out of the study at any point.


This video explains in detail the study and how your contribution matter to advance the psychedelic sciences. 


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Disclaimer: A psilocybin session is never a substitute for medical or psychological help, treatment or surgery. In the event of complaints or illness, the medical doctor, specialist or pharmacist is the best person to provide help. Always follow their advice and regulation