Psychedelic Insights

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 221

1012 EX  Amsterdam

The Netherlands



✓ Professional psychedelic facilitators

✓ Private location & natural safe setting

✓ Lunch included plus drinks (vegan & organic)

✓ Pick-up & drop-off service from C.S.

✓ Integration & aftercare program available

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Psychedelic psilocybin sessions in a specialised warm and safe setting. Professional and compassionate facilitators guide you throughout the experience.

In the psychedelic state you can question and analyse your (false) convictions, assumptions and (irrational or social or cultural) fears or inhibitions to get a new, clear and true perspective on who you really are and how you (can) feel about that. Everyone is worthy of (self) love, has a valuable message, a unique story and can be secure in feeling positive about themselves.  Psychedelic insights are a way of resetting your beliefs in an internal dialogue that changes your perspective and how you feel about things. The heart speaks to the mind. 

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