Psychedelic Insights

Van Beekstraat 260

1121 NW, Landsmeer


The Netherlands


The experience


A profound psychedelic experience can be life changing. The insights can change, (wrong) assumptions,  (irrational) fears, strong (false) convictions, about self, life, concepts and memories or events

Substance, Set and Setting

Psychedelic insights controls and optimises substance, set and setting for the best possible outcome for your personal experience. Everything is done in order to have the optimal positive experience. At our own center we focus on the most important thing: Set and Setting.


We'll prepare you mentally, provide 1:1 coaching, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, and the discuss flow-state. This allows you to connect with your deeper self, your relationship with food, and the world in general, from a renewed philosophical perspective. This can help form beneficial, long-lasting habits.  In our practical integration workshops and after-care programs you'll learn how to integrated your insights into your (new) habits and daily life.  


Set refers to one's mindset. In other words is the mental state a person brings to the experience, like thoughts, mood, and expectations. The mindset is very important and we prepare you with the most qualified experienced crew and analysis for the experience to come. 


To assure a good mindset, you will have medical and psychological pre-screening, after which you'll receive a 'information package' with valuable information for you to prepare optimally. The day of the session we will have group exercise to encourage trust, exercise breathing and meditation to get your mind in the optimal condition.

Additionally, you will have multiple 1 on 1 sessions with our facilitators. Any doubts, fear or hopes can be discussed and your intention setting can be defined. Having a clear intention is important and determines to the direction of your experience. The intention can de defined as 'what you want to learn, get out and gain from the experience'.


The setting is crucial and probably the most important factor. We feel blessed to offer you a quiet, private and beautiful space right on nature, just outside the city. For the psychedelic session, you will be in a space indoors, laying down with a blindfold to direct the attention inwards, with a carefully curated music. Music is vibrational magic and is he "carriage", the "vehicle"of your journey. 

At the end of the experience, we will go out to experience nature. Sitting in a chair n the waterside. Staring at the horizon, contemplating your emotional insights. 

Our sessions are done in small groups to create a communal sense and a intimate support group. 

There is no shortcut to any place worth going

There is no magic happy pill, no shortcut and no real happiness hack. Growth is work, then habit.

There is nothing but freedom beyond your fears and inhibitions. Only insights can change your conviction.